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When knowing how to code could bite you back

I always think knowing how to code is an advantage, a major one. I could come up with an idea and execute it at the same time.

It’s correct! But it dawns on me after a while that being a coder makes me consider a more complicated path for an idea.

I do not know code before (2 years ago), and I built up a successful blog with 2000 visits/day, earning a respectable income with only Wordpress and Shared Hosting (Yes!! Shared Hosting - and I message the Customer Service team a lot! I do not know SHIT!).

I focus on the core: content, and promoting the content (aka hustling). It’s simple, easy, and most importantly it works!

Now, I take almost 2 months just to have 10 article on my newly launched blog. I built a custom admin, cook up a frontend with fancy site generator (Gatsby), and plug in an old-soul NodeJS API.

But then I realize, the most important focus for a blog is content. Everything else is a nice-to-have, but without content, your blog is just a no-man-land. Why I have to dread with all the fancy technology set up, rather than kicking start and drill in the most important stuff: creating content?

Maybe it’s not the problem with coding. It’s MY problem of over-complicating things, and suffering the shiny object syndrome. With code, I feel powerful. I feel I could tackle anything with 50 lines of code (or more). And I try to make use of the newly found power by finding every single opportunity to utilize it.

So … How to fix this? Truth to be told, I do not know. The good thing now is I finally launch, but I still find myself tinkering with the coding part to fine tune the details bit by bit, which again prevent myself from the core of my business.

Maybe I have to live with this, like we eventually learn to live with Covid-19. I’ll write a follow-up to this post once I figure out!

Quite an important thought for the day huh?


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