Hacktoberfest! Level 3!

phast184 profile image Thanh Tien Phat Nguyen ・1 min read

If you have read my previous posts, I am celebrating Hacktoberfest which is about to end in a couple of days. This post is about my third PR. In which, I helped translate README.md into my first language. You can check out my PR.

issue-collab is a project that helps people who want to get involved with open source but got no ideas how to start. It allows people to find issues without getting overwhelmed. I have to admit I find it one of the most useful projects during Hacktoberfest.

Back to what I was working on. I am fully aware of the fact that translating is not as big as fixing a bug or something. But in comparison of my previous PR in which I only helped translate a minor file, I do make a progress this time.

The more I am working with open source, the more I am enjoying it. It has given me a sense of contribution which helps build my self confidence since I am kind of introverted while working with other people due to my lack of experience.

But whatever, thanks you guys for spending time my thoughts. I truly appreciate. Happy Coding!!!!


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