Hacktoberfest! My second PR!

phast184 profile image Thanh Tien Phat Nguyen ・1 min read

As exciting as it is, Hacktoberfest has been held a huge interest in me even though this is the first time I have been a part of it. It takes me a decent amount of time to find what to do next for my 2nd PR since there are so many options on the markets. And we all know that the more options we have, the indecisive we might be.

Therefore, picking a project to work on is always the first difficulties I have to encounter whenever I want to contribute for open source. Fortunately, I have found a repo that held my interest. It was Survol, a browser extension that allows user to preview a link before clicking.

And can you guess what I can contribute in the project? Well, the maintainer need to be more user friendly so that they need help translate their work into another language. Okay it is not coding but I'll take my chance any way.

I used to find it difficult to comprehend English. So, I know how challenging it could be for those whose first language is not English to interact with a program. And I am proud that I could make a minor change that help improve it. I make a minor contribution that add support for Vietnamese language.

Even though the change is not significant, I am happy that I'm starting to get more involved with open source. I do hope I can really make something bigger in the future even after Hacktoberfest.


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