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Discussion on: What are reasons you're not using Svelte in production?

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Phil Renaud

Hi Annie -- thanks for making this post. It's timely; we launched a Svelte (+Sapper) app to production last week.

This is from a brand new team at our organization. I chose Svelte because of how JS-oriented it feels (compared to React or Angular or Ember, which tend to feel like a lot of what you learn are framework-oriented). Further, Svelte allows our devs from various backgrounds (python/flask, vue, react, vanilla JS) to contribute meaningfully early.

It's been a really nice experience. I would encourage anybody thinking about adopting a new framework to consider Svelte strongly -- the productivity is through the roof.

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Annie Taylor Chen Author

That's so nice to hear. :) I wish more people are open like you.

The purpose for this post is to find the "cons" that are preventing people from learning/adopting Svelte, as I have only a personal project, and as a junior dev, I might not know any short comings people might have met in the larger production application or if they have concerns that I don't know yet. :P So we who are Svelte enthusiasts could do something positive for the community.