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What are reasons you're not using Svelte in production?

Annie Taylor Chen
A hybrid of coder, designer, photographer. I love innovative and creative projects. I also cook awesome vegan food!
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We know there are a lot of perks using Svelte:

  1. less code to write, less bugs to chase
  2. smaller bundle size, fast performance
  3. compiler only, no big run-time library or virtual DOM
  4. typescript-friendly
  5. built-in easy-to-use transition and animation
  6. easy to use state management
  7. friendly for juniors to learn

There are a few reasons as cons as well:

  1. small community, less support for solutions
  2. eco-system is not as diverse as others, such as React's
  3. might not support vintage browsers such as pre-IE 11
  4. no big well-known application as examples to demonstrate the scalability of the apps

Are there any other reasons you're not using it in production? Especially if you're a tech lead, CTO or senior developer who has a say about what tech stack to use for projects, I'd really love to hear your perspectives! I understand it takes time time to rewrite things if you already have an app to maintain, but if you are given a chance to select tech stack to build new apps, will you choose Svelte? Why or why not?

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Phil Renaud

Hi Annie -- thanks for making this post. It's timely; we launched a Svelte (+Sapper) app to production last week.

This is from a brand new team at our organization. I chose Svelte because of how JS-oriented it feels (compared to React or Angular or Ember, which tend to feel like a lot of what you learn are framework-oriented). Further, Svelte allows our devs from various backgrounds (python/flask, vue, react, vanilla JS) to contribute meaningfully early.

It's been a really nice experience. I would encourage anybody thinking about adopting a new framework to consider Svelte strongly -- the productivity is through the roof.

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Annie Taylor Chen Author

That's so nice to hear. :) I wish more people are open like you.

The purpose for this post is to find the "cons" that are preventing people from learning/adopting Svelte, as I have only a personal project, and as a junior dev, I might not know any short comings people might have met in the larger production application or if they have concerns that I don't know yet. :P So we who are Svelte enthusiasts could do something positive for the community.

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FYI, Spotify,, OLX.UA,,,,,,, - all uses SVELTE!