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re: My initial gut reaction: Is this really a responsibility a web framework should have? It's a super opinionated frontend concern. On the other hand...

In the demo when he drags and drops an image into the editor, active storage gets going on the back end uploading and storing the image and creating previews. Looking at it that way it seems that the front end and back ends are heavily tied together.

Rails is very opinionated, it's what so many people like about it. It's also configurable, I'm sure there'll be a --skip-action-text option for rails new when it's realeased.

What do you think of Trix too, Ben? I believe you've been working on a new editor for DEV, did you/would you consider something like Trix/Action Text?


While I do love Rails this feels a bit like when Microsoft ships IE/Edge with every OS and makes it hard to switch. There are many people working on great rich text editor and I'm not sold on the value on shipping this by default in Rails 6.

Maybe I'm missing something but the part of Rails I loved where the abstractions where you could pick your DB, pick your storage, pick your cache, etc. This seems quite different in that regard.


I played around with Trix when it first came out and like it. The new editor will also be markdown, but if we offer a WYSIWYG in the future, we'll definitely look at it as an option.

Potentially would use it sooner for admin tools.


Sorry, but I don't think "You need a text editor written in CoffeeScript" qualifies as an opinion for a general purpose web framework. I'd rather see them spending time on adding missing features to ActiveStorage (i.e. proper CDN support, see this discussion on the issue).

I have to think the people focused on ActiveStorage features aren't being bottlenecked by work like this. I that the feature is questionable but I can't imagine it was a huge burden on the rest of Rails' productivity.

Maybe. Though ActiveStorage was extracted from Basecamp, the maintainer has not been very open to user feedback/requests so far and now they add something that ties in with ActiveStorage, which may mean they are even less likely to change it in ways that don't exactly match their use case. Anyway, we're moving away from ActiveStorage for our projects and use Shrine instead.

Hi Michael, would be very interested to hear if you've managed to get action text working with Shrine, especially to display images in-line in rich text. If so, would be interested to hear your thoughts / how you did it.

Alas I haven't yet had the opportunity to work with Rails 6, but you made me curious so I did a little digging and found this discussion with Janko (the creator of Shrine) where it sounds like ActionText needs ActiveStorage. ☹️

ok cool. appreciate the message.

I"ll have to rip out the good bits of action text in terms of its parsing capabilities and handle the storage myself. seems like a tall order!

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