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COVID-19 is the greatest thing happened to me in 2020

I like learning and creating new things. I have a list of ideas and personal projects I want to create. The list is getting longer everyday but I procrastinated working on and not complete one of the projects. Because after my full-time job, I was exhausted. I tried to work a bit every night. Someday I didn't do anything. My project had a little progress but I almost felt like giving up and moving to a new thing. I knew that was not good and I would create nothing in the end

Suddenly, COVID-19 pandemic came and everything changed. I heard news about death everyday. People had to work from home. Some lost their job or had pay cut. I was lucky to keep my job and get full salary. I didn't have to work from home. Everyday I not only wished the pandemic to end early but also thought about me. I wondered what if this pandemic continues and I would lose my job, what if I die due to COVID-19 tomorrow and can not complete my projects. I thought about these scenarios so much. It may happen to me.

Until one day, my grandpa got sick and almost died (he is not infected COVID-19). I thought I would lose him. Fortunately, he recovered and be in good health now. At that time, I decided I would quit my job. I made that decision because I wanted to spend more time with my grandpa as well as my family. I also wanted to focus on executing my ideas and creating projects.

Before I sent the resignation letter, I was afraid that I couldn't afford the life. I still clicked the send button because if I continued thinking about it, I couldn't do anything I want in my life.

It has been exactly 2 month since I left my company, I am learning new things not only programming knowledge but also other skills like video editing, content creation. I create a CSS library called VN.css. I create programming tutorials and share them on my Youtube channel. I also write blog posts to share my stories. I enjoy doing these things and write down every thought in my mind and share them.

COVID-19 pandemic may be the bad thing to people but it is the greatest thing happened to me in 2020. It is a reminder that I don't have time to waste and procrastinate doing what I want. Now I value every second.

Thank you for reading this post. I wish you and your family stay safe.

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