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Changelog #0016 — ℹ️ OPTIONS method, 🔑 param auth, Terminal 3.2, and more

HTTPie for Web & Desktop

ℹ️ OPTIONS method

One more option in the method select — 🥁 — OPTIONS!

Options HTTP method

You can use OPTIONS to request information about the communication options available on a given URL or server.

🔑 API key auth through parameters

We recently introduced a way to authenticate requests using a custom API key header. Now we’re expanding this auth type with the option to send the API key as a URL parameter:

API key via a URL_parameter

This allows you to specify your auth at the collection level and have HTTPie add it to the URL automatically.

✍🏻 Font improvements

As with everything else, we continue to improve the monospace variant of our font, and this time we focused on making the 0 and O characters more distinct:

Monospace font used by HTTPie with improved 0 characters

🪲 Bug fixes

  • You probably didn’t encounter this, but if you typed fast while having multiple HTTPie browser tabs, the text would start flashing. Fixed!
  • Some generated headers (e.g., Content-Type) weren’t displayed in some preview formats. Now they are.
  • Inherited auth was also missing from the preview in some cases.
  • Draft requests created via the global + button could lose their name.
  • Fixed an app crash in case of invisible characters in the URL.

HTTPie for Terminal

HTTPie for Terminal 3.2 is now available 🎉 This version introduces:

  • 💅 Refined UI
  • 📖 Man pages
  • 📦 Single binary executables
  • 🌀 Debian releases
  • ⬆️ Update warnings
  • 🤩 And more

We have a separate post covering this release, check it out 👇

What’s new in HTTPie for Terminal 3.2 →

Happy testing, and see you next week!

But in the meantime…

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Thanks a lot for this great tool. It helps on a daily basis to produce better demos...making it easier to showcase our own APIs.