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Problem based learning

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Software development should be easier to learn

Linked lists, Binary trees, Hash maps, Hash Sets, Big O…

You do need to know all the things mentioned above to become a Software Engineer, but you likely don’t need to know everything to start creating on the web.

What the team at that good company is trying to do is to lower the barrier of entry and make it easier for everyone to start learning and creating for the web.


By solving challenges that have all the setup in place, with a clear small goal that will make you realize how certain aspects of the web work.

Will it work?

We hope so! problem-based learning has had some great results around the world. The fact that you’re actively learning instead of passively learning it’s a key factor. Passive learning is necessary but it needs to be complemented with action.

What’s next?

We’ll be publishing code challenges for you to solve with a variable difficulty level.

thank you

We want to acknowledge some of the great products and open source projects that are empowering web creators in so many different ways that make it easy for you to create, have a great experience and publish your work: Next JS, Zeit, Svelte, CodeSandbox among others that we’ll keep mentioning and using for our challenges.

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