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Creating websites with txt files! | Proof of concept | Would love to hear your feedback!

Can programming be more accessible?

Proof of Concept

I believe so!, but first... Why should programming, or technology creation be more accessible?

The answer (at least for me) lies on the fact that there are so many creators out there that want to make so many things and have great ideas but they find themselves in front of a very steep road to do so. And we as engineers haven't made the path much smoother over time. In fact even many experienced developer can have a rough time on SO answers or reddit forums.


There are many people and great companies working on democratizing technology for everyone with all sorts of different approaches. Myself took the approach of making it text based, as if you were taking notes.

The first idea was to configure a JSON file to change colors, add products and so on, and even though JSON is really human friendly is not human enough for people just getting started.

So I came up with this approach, where you basically put the name of a property, a colon and the value without { [ " which might and surly has scared a lot of people in the past.


name: My product!

price: 19.99


My Awesome product is awesome

lorem ipsum

Just like that you would create a product and have it ready on a predefined template.

Future & Present

I have no idea if this would actually increase productivity of a lot of people or if this is not something that would actually help someone. It even could be used from any note taking app out there, Notion was a big inspiration for this as well

I really hope it does, as the same mechanism could be used for making blogs, or even APIs where programers could use it as a headless CMS... but I'm getting ahead of myself. If you have some time I would definitely love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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