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Discussion on: Which top 🔥 technologies 🤖 and skills ⚙️ will be high 💡 in-demand 📈 in 2020 ? Let us discuss 💬 !!!

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Tim Perry

If you're coming from this with a web/JS background (like me), I'd recommend looking at Balena: I worked for them a few years ago, and though I'm not doing IoT professionally now, they're honestly great for this, especially if you're not coming from an embedded background.

Free for up to 10 devices, and it does a lot of the setup & deployment work for you, so you just push your code with a dockerfile (they have templates you can use), and it updates & runs just as if you were pushing to Heroku/Zeit/etc. No need to set up & manage a Linux distro from scratch or FTP/SSH in or any of that.

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Mitch Stanley

Thanks, I'll check them out 🙂

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Saeed Ahmad Author

Great Advice Tim.

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