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Utopia - keep finishing this story. writing a dystopia.

Hi, finish this story:

Some times, when conciousness hits, one feels the overwhelming weight of one's own gravity. It's like suddenly being under Niagara Falls, sans the water. J has slowly opened his eyes, letting the weight crush him into his bed, feeling every moment of waking up. He noticed what has come up overnight - there was a Terminal just above his bed, so the first thing he saw was a list of tasks for the day. After scrolling through the Feed, J quickly assessed that he was already late, even though he just got up as planned by the System.

Instead of springing out of bed and doing the 100 pushups, pullups and situps that he usually did, this morning J decided to forgo the benefits of excercise and make himself a cup of coffee. Waking up is never easy, yet coffee is still a thing in 3099, and humans still enjoy the taste. There are no specialties, though.

There is only One Coffee.

With a little thought, J ordered a fresh brew - his Feeder prepared the chemistry, heated the solution up to a comfortable 90 degrees, and after a couple moments the delicate smell of freshly roasted and just ground beans filled the Lockup. He quickly grabbed the container and walked outside, taking sips while arriving at the Transport Station. His current work was related to technology, and the reason he felt the gravity stronger today was due to his lack of Performance with the project he was working on. With every sip, J was going through strategies that would stop the endeavour from burning down in flames.

  • "What's your status, J?"

The ringing of the Overseer was uninterruptible in any way. J had his Connector replaced recently, leaving him with a nice scar behind the left ear. Not everyone does this, but J was always a man of principle - when he was offered this job, he went all in.

-"Finishing my coffee at S25. When I arrive at S27 I'll be 4 minutes away from the location"
-"Did you prepare for the mission?"
-"I did. As usual."
-"Did you equip the Disruptor?"
-"Indeed. I still don't understand why we need to evaporate this time"
-"That's precisely why we choose you for these projects. Overseer out."

With the taste of coffee still lingering in his mouth, he grinded his teeth a bit. No one ever told him that part of being a Technology Consultant was evaporation, and he really disgusted himself in the thought of evaporating. This time, however, the case was truly staggering, and several Overseers found it to be of utmost importance. When all the peaceful measures of counteracting adversary technology fail, the one solution that the System overly enjoys is evaporation.

J never understood why someone wants to live outside of the System. What's better than waking up, already knowing what to do? How easy can life get, when you just get orders directly into your cortex? How enjoyable life is, when you just enjoy the submission? He also never got around to understanding why humans still resist the System. The system was beautiful in it's design, pristine in the concepts.

The Unison required J to [...]

Continue in the comments below and let's see if we can crowdsource a dystopian technological thriller ;P

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