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About my life

first post win

This blog says mi thinks and practice my English skills, sorry if you don't understand all jejeje XD
I have worked in different companies as the web developer, software engineer, and designer, but the process in that companies are very strict and they don't let be creative.
the creative in the development process, I consider is important like whatever one.
They confused their business with creative software.
When I was working in a building company as a web developer, I saw that your schedules didn't part of the profile designer, well we must be respectful because are the rules it's normal.
but now that I'm in a new job, things are very different and people work without schedules with more compromised and their energy is awesome.
its a little blog about my life as geek and thanks for reading and comment that post.
I hope you have a nice day and remember if you want you to do.

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