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Andres Larrotta
Andres Larrotta

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After her

I prefer to write on another platform different common social networks, here is more private and anyone don't know about me.
I know that nobody doesn't understand the true reason why I broked up with her but was a good decision, she needed another person in her life, when you are like me, a person too sensible and with many ways to be, it's selfish thinking that all world have to do that you want.
I know that she is ok, and I still love her, but my way is different, I really want to travel around the world, meet important people, do and participated in big projects, I'm a man with many things to improve and do better every day, but I will go for another way.
After her they come the hardest part of my life if I took that decision after 1 year I must to be the person that I wanted.

I'm really focused on meet people and hide my fears do whatever want to do, good things.
I want to know , how can I be more successful?

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Respect for the courage to share this, and I hope the decision was the right one not only for you but also for her (meaning that ultimately it's for the best, for both of you).