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Happy relationships, happiness criteria

"We have no happiness in a relationship. We have no happiness," she shouted, and burst into tears.

-What actions do you realize that you are happy? "Simply and casually, he asked.

She's stuck.

How to build a spiritual, from the word soul, attitude? The answer is in technology, below by text.

There are people who constantly day in and day out, see what NO
I'm going to tell you what kind of relationship it is.

A person sees that there is no understanding.
A man sees that there is no attention to his person.
A man sees how he does not reach the goal.
A person sees that he has no happiness.
So this is not a spiritual relationship. I draw your attention to the fact that I am not proposing to give up the view of life "What is not." I'm just suggesting that it's contextual. Depending on the context-situation and attitude to the situation.

As a result, all life turns into a pursuit of happiness, somewhere there and once. But not here and not now. I propose to build spiritual and happy relationships here and now.

Often a person judges another person when looking at his behavior.

From today, you can ask yourself a simple and effective question.

Rules number times
-By what actions will I understand that we have a happy relationship?


By what actions and actions of the person with whom I speak I will understand that we have an understanding?
By what my actions and actions from the outside world (around people), a person will understand that there is attention to his person? (We're not looking at why he needs attention all the time.
By what actions will a person understand that he achieves the goal?
By what actions will a person understand that he is happy?
It's as simple as that.

TECHNOLOGY PART (very secret). ))
Notice when you're happy. What's your behavior? You can individually each, you can, when you are happy together. Up to you. Today you can. Remember what actions led to this. Create your own (individual) set of actions. Which is right for you. If you have to, write it down.
Tell it to your woman, to your man. Who do you build a relationship with.
Rules number two. Tell this to your partner.

Why talk? It's simple again. Many people have patterns of perception. And if your girl is happy that you hug her before going to bed and she feels one with you, your care, happiness. You'll never know if you don't ask. For you, hugging can mean something inconsequential. It's the same with a man. If he says he's happy when you look at him as something special, then do it for him. Use your behavior for good.

Just let's not be destructive.

"I'm not going to hug you today because you did a bad thing."

-"I won't look at you because you........"

We're talking about adult relationships today. When two men and a woman build a lifelong relationship, not a local one, "I'm going to do it for you because you did it and I'm not going to do it because you can't take out the trash today." Yes, yes, yes, a year. You notice in which situations you are happy, type these situations as much as possible. It can be 10-20-30-100 situations. I'm reporting secret technology. These are the very situations you can even create. For myself, for each other. And make a list of these happiest events.

When I first asked this very question, I couldn't get five events in my whole life. I haven't remembered it in 30 years.

After a month of reflections and memories, they became 50, another month 150. I wrote it all down carefully. Everything is very simple your life experience, your memory, it is your treasure trove to use it for your benefit. Put as many good and wonderful events as possible in your memory, and you will be happy. I'd even suggest you build your life out of this calculation. Calculating that you live every day to create a small, big happy event. And all this to invest in relationships. But on the other hand, now they can join the front lines of skeptics, "It's hard" they say. "It's done every day, it's boring." I answer, your life and you decide what life to create. Sad, with a bottle of beer in front of the TV. Every day turn on the brain, in order to put in a piggy bank, a happy moment towards the end of the day. And survive it. Every cell of your body. Holding the hand, the leg, the ass to choose already you. Your companion is the companion of your life.

Here are some examples:

I'm happy when you read an interesting book.
I'm happy when you play with a kid.
I'm happy when you hug her.
I'm happy when you go camping.
I'm happy when you plan your life.
I'm happy when you create your life.
I'm happy when you write your book.
I'm happy when you create your own website.
I'm happy when you start a family.
I'm happy when there are new interesting people in your life.
I'm happy when your mother recognizes you, "Son you are my personality."
I'm happy when my father says to you, "Son, I can't do that yet, but you can. Will you teach me?"
I'm happy when you get what you want and when you want.
And such examples can be made by everyone. Take it and do it. I'll do it again.

Write down the actions from which you achieve happiness.
Create, generate in your life happy events, as you want and when you want.
Tell these rules to each other.
Do these very actions from which you are happy.

And then the relationship goes to a completely different level.

A small addition
If someone has the idea "It's hard every day, create a happy relationship" then here's a hint-rules.

How can you create your happiness every day easily, simply and with pleasure? Answer this question and may Bhe arrive with you, that is happiness and joy)). And a wonderful relationship.

The answer is, "I don't know." It's not accepted. Act.

How's that? (write in the comments)

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