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You probably won't find a "free" SMS sending API.

But for cheap solutions, OVH and Twilio are the most well-known solutions, I'd recommend towards the former.


Thanks I researched a lot but none are cheap. For example one SMS in Cyprus using Twilio its like 8 cents. For a startup like mine ( this is waste of money. OVH seems to have better prices but still not good enough.

And the thing is since I am providing worldwide, I want a service that is cheap for all countries and not for some. Guess that won't be possible.


Well, SMS is pretty pricey, especially in some constrained regions, such as Germany.

I was able to get SMS for 1 cent/sms in cyprus. Just have to search for it. But for worldwide support seems that I need to choose specifically for each country.

Seems fair, overall.

May I ask for which need would you require automated SMS sending?

My startup Bookis ( is an appointment-scheduling software as a service primarily for salon, beauty centers etc. Part of its features is automated SMS reminders, appointment confirmations etc hence the automated SMS sending :)

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