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What does the future hold for these custom software development trends?

Back during the Industrial Revolution after the 17th century, the fate of newly developing companies was determined by their ability to scale up their operations, harness, and process the maximum number of resources for the highest output. Today, the Industrial revolution has long gone to give way to the age of information where Big Data Analytics and other methods of information processing rule the roost.

In the 21st century, what makes an enterprise successful is its ability to collect and crunch high quantity of data into high-quality information, and making use of it for understanding the present and predicting the future.

Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Blockchain Development, and IoT development are few among the most sought-after custom software development trends by the biggest enterprises and emerging startups today. So what does the future hold for these software development technologies and every top custom software development company today? More importantly, what role would software consulting companies and other IT experts play in the progress of custom software development trends in the future? I will try to answer the question by picking up these technologies one by one and decoding certain aspects which make it relevant, and a few which degrade it. Hope you enjoy this one, so here goes:

Can Machine Learning make Artificial Intelligence more effective than humans?

In a recent development, eCommerce major Amazon had to scrap an AI toolcreated to assist in recruiting practices through Machine Learning and data analysis. The reason? Well, this tool apparently had a problem with women, which led to more selection of males as compared to the opposite gender for recruitment in technical posts.

The lesson to be learned from this case is that there’s a long long way to go for AI and ML, as a whole to get as good as human intelligence. What makes the task so difficult for these custom software development services is that we perhaps make a mistake in understanding ourselves, and this gets reflected in the technologies and services created by custom software development companies!

Take, for example, this particular case of Amazon’s AI tool having a bias against women. This tool and many such tools may be created by the top custom software development company today and made to work and improve through machine learning. But while it can recognize patterns, data and identify the best form of action for different scenarios. It fails to recognize and interpret a bias which perhaps, is one which humans have, and not these tools themselves. More on that later.

While it may seem that the philosophy of the human species as a whole is objective in nature. That, unfortunately, isn’t the case. The collective human mind itself has several psychological biases which affect its decision making. Take, for example, the simple yet complex debate on Corporate social responsibility and ethics which has been lasting for decades now.

The human species still fails to understand what is needed the most; profitability of enterprises? Or the satisfaction of the consumers of goods and services? The human species in itself is a biased one, so how does it expect its own creation to be objective? Yes, the AI tool developed by the custom software development company division of Amazon considered women inappropriate for technical jobs. But isn’t that the reality of the field itself?

It is when questions such as these are asked that you get a deeper understanding about the most likely answer; which is that AI and other custom software development trends won’t ever replace human intelligence unless humans are able to remove their own biases, something which is simply impossible! And if it still manages to do so, then it definitely won’t be for the benefit of our species.

A better way to understand and develop AI for custom software development companies is to consider it as an assistance to human intelligence rather than a replacement for it. Machine Learning development and other subsets of Artificial Intelligence can do a lot which humans can not, yet it could never replace the value of human emotions for better or worse.

Would AR/VR become the new mediums of customer-business interaction?

The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) markets are expected to stand at a value of 60.55 Billion USD and 34.08 Billion USD by the year 2023. These figures reveal a significant lead for the valuation of AR in the future. The reason is that AR development has much more potential for growth and application in comparison to VR.

The growth of VR might perhaps get stunted in future because of its limited application. Unlike AR, VR puts its users into a different world altogether with no glimpse of reality. This finds its most suitable applications in the gaming and film-making industry, and not so much anywhere else.

But one field where both these augmented platforms find the best use-case is in its utility as a medium of customer-business interaction. AR can be put into use in the near future in forms of a guide accessible through smartphones for navigation, used to identify new places, or perhaps as an instruction guide for assembly or installation of appliances.

VR, on the other hand, could redefine worker training and eLearning practices used in today’s organizations and institutions.

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Can Blockchain and IoT redefine business and service networks?

Blockchain and IoT are two of the most hyped advancements in Software Development. While Blockchain can bring new levels of transparency and decentralization in the functioning of businesses, IoT is perhaps the most valuable player in the game. It’s essentially a technology which can link all technologies together! Thus it can be combined with anything and produce incredible results.
We are probably headed towards a future where interconnected networks carry user information and play the lead role in the delivery of products and services to end consumers through the medium of secured and transparent networks.


From the Industrial Revolution to the age of Information, we are headed towards a future which may well be defined as the “The age of networking”. A time when everything is linked with another and the change in the pattern of one element can drastically affect another. Little glimpses of the same are already visible in the real world.

For a young entrepreneur aspiring to create a profitable startup, its impossible to make an idea work with a singular focus on one aspect. In the age of information, every bit of knowledge needs to be passed on from one place to another for the sake of survival. In the new forthcoming era, such an exchange will be a necessity.

As a business owner/future entrepreneur, the onus is on you to either take advantage of all available opportunities in software development services and technologies or fall prey to the competitors. Working with an IT partner such as top custom software development companycould perhaps give a jumpstart.

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