The easy way to turn a website into a Progressive Web App

Alexandre Plennevaux on November 21, 2017

What is a Progressive Web App? Basically, a PWA is a website that, when visited on a mobile phone, can be saved on the user's device a... [Read Full]
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I'd like to translate the article into Japanese and publish on our tech blog for sharing it if you're OK.

I make sure to indicate the link to original, title, author name in the case.

Best regards,


Sure ! As long as you indicate the links and authorship, feel free to translate it into Japanese. "Aligato !"


Hey Alexandre, the easy way to turn a website into a Progressive Web App is really informative. We all know how Progressive Web App can help businesses get the most out of eCommerce. Even though, I'd like to share a link for those who are new in eCommerce and don't know about the PWA: Why Progressive Web Apps Are Important for Businesses?


I like that post. Mucho.

Just shared it with the colleague who wrote this one: PWA Example: Progressive Web App E-Commerce with GatsbyJS. 🤘

Been a year since you first wrote it. Anything you'd change?


Hi! Thank you. As a matter of fact, I 've kept updating it. Eventually, with a public repository of a PWA boilerplate.


I'm currently in the process of creating a PWA with angular cli tools like @angular-cli/serviceworkers. Can anyone show me a direction towards it? A blog link or something like that? Angular4 and above, using the CLI.



I'm having website developed in codeigniter and having index.php in the root folder, so can I convert my website into PWA..

I'm trying to migrate it but it's giving an error..

Is there any problem with .php files in PWA


The short answer is : no problem !

PWA is a frontend technology. PHP is a backend technology, so since CodeIgniter is a MVC framework, you should probably work on the Views to include the necessary javascript, manifest, ... files.


Hey! I have a website (for sexual education) and in some countries, mainly in South Africa, users take too much time loading the website, I don't know if I should make my website into a PWA or is it better only use AMP? for which kind of websites would you recommend to use PWA?


PWA is well suited for your use case, especially if the content does not change that often. I would stay away from AMP, honestly.


I agree with this picture, application should be set in one click to attrach more users. I have a nice article about web App and web site development difference


Thank you, Alexandre, for wrapping up the topic of PWAs! I didn't know anything about upup.js, so it was truly an insightful read.


My pleasure. This library should definitely be more popular !


Thanks for this great insight ;)
UpUp rocks...and so do you


Nice work here! I like most the different resources that you’ve provided to help with this


Any tutorial for adding push notification using firease/one-signal to this pwa?


Actually, I find more interesting to transform native mobile apps into PWAs rather than webs. Replacing mobile apps with PWAs is the only way to truly universal apps. But it will be a bit harder.


True that! I'm just waiting for all browsers ahem Safari to support PWAs. We shouldn't be needing a store to get apps from. The web & a browser is all one shall needeth! :P

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