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Four best 2D animation software in 2021

Exhausted in examining the best 2D animation software to design an eye-catching character design or model for your brand or company?

Don’t worry, further no delay let’s unwrap the critical software tools to create a 2D animated character with striking visuals.
1.Open toonz
Open toonz is a free, and open-source 2D animation software. It's mainly specialized in 2D animation including bone and mesh. Also, it combines hand drawings with digital sketches.

Moreover, it’s simple to download and install on many operating systems including Windows, Linux, OS X Etc. Open toonz allows the users to scan their hand drawings. The unique attribute of open toonz is its picture effects, which can alter any kind of drawings with sophisticated tools.

Novices find it a little hard to learn and operate this software. However, it’s good for a novice designer to practice on designing 2D cartoon characters by scanning and tracing the image.

Similar to Opentoonz, Pencil 2D is also free to download on various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. It's especially utilized for creating 2D cartoon characters by merging bitmap and vector graphics.

Additionally, it is simple to train on the software and delivers a high-quality design. This is the optimal software for beginners and designers can save the file in its own format such as PNG, BMP, JPEG, etc.

Synfig is also open free source 2D animation software. It’s an industrial-strength vector-based software and offers multilayers to draw sketches. Synfig is quite complicated to learn the design than the above two software.

Its wide applications are for seasoned artists to create a 2D animation film or movie. It allows the user to save the draft work in its own XML format.

Also, it can make videos in AVI, MPEG as well as in animation graphics (GIF).

4.Adobe Animate
Adobe Animate is particularly for creating vector graphics and animation videos for multimedia. Using Adobe animate software, designers can instantly design the animation and can share their work with the world within few minutes.

Moreover, animators can also develop games and web applications with powerful illustrations. Adobe Animate is the ultimate software for both novices and seasoned animators.

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