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Introduction, and SQL VS. NoSQL

Hello everyone, my name is Paul Lanahan and I am a sophomore here at Penn State. I am from a small town in south-eastern Pennsylvania called West Grove, where we are known for growing mushrooms, which comes along with a wacky smell. I am currently studying Security Risk Analysis, and have so far loved everything about it. I was pretty clueless when I came here about picking a major, but now I have become passionate about it and plan to continue studying it. I was debating between SRA and finance when I got here, but I am glad I have chosen the path that I have.

When it comes to tech, I am interested in learning how to keep information out of the hands of hackers. I took SRA 221 last semester which was about how to use the linux operating system along with other programs such as wireshark which are great tools to use when it comes to securing information. It taught me how to perform SQL injections, along with many other introductory tactics for making sure data is safe. In this course, I am excited to learn about data structures and their architecture. This course will be very beneficial to me because knowing more about data structures and how they work will allow me to understand more of what I will be keeping safe.

My first semester freshman year, I took a java programming class and learned that programming was not my favorite thing in the world. Instead of having a more programming-based path, I would like to have more of an analytics-based path that requires little to no programming. Before coming to Penn State, I knew very little about computers and data, and how it all works. After taking a few of the entrance to major classes, I soon learned how interesting and enjoyable it was to work with computers.

After my four years here at Penn State, as of now my plan is to go on to work for a financial company or bank with a cybersecurity position. While in the cybersecurity position, I would like to learn finance and how the stock market works so that I can also be beneficial to the business side of the company as well. I love math, and I love to analyze so cybersecurity analytics along with finance would be the ideal environment for me. Although my plan is to work for a bank or financial company, I have also thought about going the government route. Working for the government in a three letter agency seems like it would be an exciting and eventful career path as well.

Here is the link to my video about SQL vs NoSQL:

Short Summary of SQL vs NoSQL:
β€’ What is it?
o SQL: Programming language that is designed to bring you specific data from an organized database
o NoSQL: Programming language designed to retrieve data that is not structured

β€’ Difference in Query:
o SQL: Used by specifying column and row
o NoSQL: used by searching for an idea of what you are looking for and being given several pieces of data

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