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Week IV Task Force 4.0

Hands on Keyboard 🤩

Hi, I hope your week was totally great if not I am really sorry that's how life is !! have you ever wondered how programmer or developers lifestyle looks like in Task Force 🤔. Here is, basically all nerds are supposed to work on different feature and once it is done they merge together so as to deliver a production ready software. This week I have experienced more, whereby I have worked on an endpoints from where I was using new stack(NestJS) which was really incredible and fantastic language but I can not say that the flow was that easy there are some road blocks and the great thing is that, it is also part of the journey, well saying on new stack we have to come with a good project structure of that new stack and surely we came to build it 😎. As you can see I have said "We" that means I was not alone in that, we have a good team as well great advisor who were there supporting us which pretty much reflect an image of task-force developer lifestyle @awesomity and @codeofafrica.

With that being said, I have come to realize that coding it is a career where you get to learn new things and from that, it is where great programmers are made because they are always open to new technology and they are willing to learn and apply that particular skills acquired. And of course that's wraps up the lifestyle of task-force developer .

Thank you let's meet again on week V !!🤑

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