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Will add this so folks won't think I'm a lurker.

Hi Guys.

I'm Bill Plunkett from Longview in Northeast Texas - known as behind the pine curtain.

I definitely qualify as a "gray-beard" not only because I have one but I got my B.S. in Computer Science (minor in math) in 1975. I worked as a Systems Analyst ( ya'll now call us Software Engineers), Programmer and mainframe Database Administrator. Did that for about 25 years.

Then got the bright idea to chase a life-long love of photography and became a "professional" landscape and wildlife photographer - had some success and it was personally very rewarding but just didn't put beans on the table. So I'm back in the software world. Trying to do some catch up on latest technology.

I am self-employed, love developing in Xojo (cross-platform language and IDE that has been described as syntax like Visual Basic and Class/Object structure like C#) and am nailing down Visual Studio skills along with C#.

I will develop apps or subcontract with any of you folks as long as I can tele-commute. I am allergic to NOT BEING SUFFOCATED BY PINE POLLEN.

Nice to meet all you guys, have already seen a post by a Xojo friend - Paul Lafebvre.

The non-developer thing I doing now - I'm Lodge Secretary for the Ashland Masonic Lodge #1138 in Diana Texas - I LOVE FREEMASONRY!

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