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I came out of a software engineering degree program to my first web dev job a while back. After a year of training we would laugh as we looked back at how I knew absolutely nothing when I gradded.

If I were hiring, I would value experience over a degree. My uni experience was mainly focussed on developing algorithms which maximized my grade and minimized effort. I learned everything I know from outside of class and at work, which is going to be the case whether you do a degree program or a bootcamp.

My advice to n00bs would be do whatever is cheaper - in 10-15 years I don't see degree programs holding as much value, at least in software. In the 4+ years of study plus the likelyhood that the material has changed and the profs probably aren't paid enough to update lectures every year, the entire process is too slow to be valuable, aside from the basics that everyone should know (eg data structures and algorithms).

I may be biased though, I hated school and am bitter since I paid a boatload of money for something I ended up learning in my free time.

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