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Discussion on: Why you should Stop using CSS Frameworks

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Przemyslaw Mejna

Great topic. I see lately a trend of "working with CSS frameworks is the way. Forget the CSS". It started to showing up on some YouTube channels recently. My personal stance on this is: you do what makes you happy and makes your job done. Some people are saying that CSS is slow and that's why they use frameworks. Personally I disagree. Working with SCSS you can maintain your style and make it faster and more custom than with libraries. Most of the time... Which means that there are exceptions. I wouldn't say stop using framework as I wouldn't say stop using vanilla CSS. I see the points what you (the author of article) pointed out: people ignore CSS and go straight into frameworks not knowing the CSS itself. If people start their adventure with frontend - learning frameworks with not knowing CSS is not a good way. But if you are really good with application logic and code and your work might be kinda nice looking and same time generic because of use of framework - this is acceptable in fast paced environment. Custom approach usually will bring better results - but this is not a rule. And if some Devs feels more comfortable working with frameworks - as long as they achieve desired look and targets - go for this guy's. I will stay with vanilla - I know CSS well enough so can work at least as fast as with frameworks but I can make less lines of styling with that and make all custom. Just My preference.