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pnpm v4.9 comes with command completion!

zkochan profile image Zoltan Kochan Originally published at Medium ・2 min read

Command completion in bash, zsh, fish is awesome! Unfortunately, even though there are thousands of great command-line tools in the npm registry, I cannot recall any (except the npm CLI) that comes with command completion.

A few weeks ago nikoladev suggested to implement autompletion in pnpm. After a brief investigation, I have found a brilliant tool that helps with autocompletion of CLI apps written in Node.js. This tool is called tabtab and is currently not maintained, so I forked it and added autocompletions to pnpm👌.

To set up autocompletion, just update pnpm to v4.9 and run pnpm install-completion.

Let's see what you can do with it.

Type pnpm <tab-tab> and see all the available commands:

Alt Text

Type pnpm remove <tab-tab> and see the list of dependencies currently installed. This also works with pnpm update and pnpm outdated.

Alt Text

Type pnpm --filter <tab-tab> and see the list of projects in the workspace:

Alt Text

Type pnpm run <tab-tab> and see the list of available scripts:

Alt Text

Type any command, type tab-tab and see the list of supported options:

Alt Text

Type an option and see the possible values:

Alt Text

And these are just a few examples! Happy tabbing😃

In a future version of pnpm we will also add descriptions to completions😍

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