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Carlos Villavicencio
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Facebook to Wordpress via REST API

For a personal project, I needed a simple tool capable of scraping all posts from a public Facebook page and upload them as post in a personal Wordpress website.

Made in Python and using Wordpress REST API, I wrote this quick and dirty code πŸ˜„. And it works!

Check it out and let me know how I can improve it.

GitHub logo po5i / facebook-to-wp

A simple tool to migrate content from facebook pages to wordpress

Facebook scraper to Wordpress via REST API

Quick tool that I needed to scrap Facebook posts and upload them to Wordpress as posts.

How it works

  • Setup your virtual environment and .env file based on .env.example.
  • Install the requirements using pip.
pip install -r requirements
  • Download them as a single CSV file
  • Inspect and get that CSV ready for upload
  • Upload every post using Wordpress REST API.


  • Python >= 3.x


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