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How to Change Default DotNet SDK Version

When I installed ".Net Core 3 SDK (preview 6)", default version of dotnet core sdk on my system is changed to this new version. Then I needed to revert the default version to "2.x.x" in some places. So I followed the steps below.

See Official Documentation

See Installed DotNet Core SDK and Runtime Versions

In order to see all installed dotnet SDK versions (and currently used default version), run:
dotnet --version
dotnet --list-sdks

In order to see all installed dotnet Runtime versions, run:
dotnet --list-runtimes

Change Default DotNet SDK Version using global.json File

In order to change default dotnet SDK version, place a global.json file in the current folder or any parent folder with the contents below. You can create the global.json file manually, or use the dotnet cli command dotnet new globaljson.

Now dotnet core sdk version is reverted back in the folder which global.json resides, or in it's subfolders.

Note: By default dotnet new globaljson cli command sets the SDK version using the current effective version. You can change this behaviour by adding optional --sdk-version=2.2.300 parameter.

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