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How to Get Followers and Streams on Spotify Fast

Spotify is one of the top sites for streaming with a vast audience base. If the artists get their stream up on Spotify, it will generate a lot of revenue for them.

Are you struggling to get more Spotify followers then keep reading the post? Because the post briefs you, why Spotify followers are so important? How does the Spotify algorithm work? The post shows some methods to get more Spotify followers and keep them listening to your music.

Spotify followers are so important because it is the only platform, when someone hits follow, all your new music for the rest of the time until they unfollow you are going to put in the playlist that Spotify creates for them. These include release radars, the daily mixes, and a bunch of all their playlists that Spotify curates for everybody using Spotify.

If you ever used Instagram, you know that it used to be got about a year ago. That is because when you follow someone, their contacts are shown on your page every time they post. When you post something, Instagram only shows your post to a small fraction of your followers. If they liked it and engaged with that, then those show with the majority of your follower. In Instagram, more people used to approach for ads.

As you can see, every Instagram post that trying to get you to put an ad behind such as 70% better, 80% better whatever. But Spotify is used to be when you release a song, and all your followers will get in their playlists. That's why you need to increase your followers, and if you want an instant boost of your followers, you can Buy Spotify Followers for Artist Profiles from a music marketing company.

Below is Some Easy Way to Grab Spotify Followers:

1. Have a Why:
Spotify If you are on, then it is not enough to get people to follow you. It would help if you had some context for your music, For example; hey I am some xyz music, and I am going to play, etc. in 2020, that's my goal, click here to follow me on Spotify to support it my mission. It will help if you put some context to tell them a little bit about your music. What you are doing is, you are selling your music. Then immediately, people will click to buy in, to listen, and to follow. This way, you can get fans and followers for your Spotify.

But there are lots of artists on Spotify asking over and over, "hey, follow me on Spotify." It would help if you gave people why they need to follow you. Why should they follow you, what should your music like, where you are from, and put some context to it? You can even say who you sound like; you can look like an artist. So be careful with that.

2. Source Your Facebook Friends:
It does mean just grabbing on Facebook friend saying, "Hey, follow me on Spotify," nobody cares. You have to make people care by messaging or DM with context "I am looking to get 1000 followers on Spotify, can you help me out by following me on Spotify through clicking this link here. It will be very easy for people to follow you on Spotify.

3. Link in Bio:
Many artists used to ask the people to follow them, but they don't add links in their bio. So you need to add your link in the bio section of your Spotify. You need to mail all those channels so that people can see you, see who you are, and click the links and will start following you.

4. Set Up an Email Blast:
What you need to do is, you just need to go to your email and export all your contacts. And then you need to ask or tell the people why they should follow, keep in brief. It is very easy to export all your email and send a personal email. It is a very easy task to do. Then blast that out to everyone that you know.

5. Submit Your Music to Spotify Curators:
If you use this trick, then you will be able to upload your music in advance. That means you can set up a date. For example, if you want to release your songs two weeks after, then you can set up your music date from two weeks from a particular time. It is advised you to set up your music just one week ahead.

6. Get Traffic Outside of Spotify:
This is probably the hardest thing, in my opinion, is trying to get traffic outside of Spotify. Outside of Spotify includes blogs, Tumblr posts about your music, YouTube channels that use your music, or reference to your music, or you can say, “Oh, check out these artists that I like or a lot of YouTube music channels who post your music. You might have to pay a fee. Some YouTube channels ask for money. So it's a bit of a promotion for the artists. But there are lots of channels out there who don't ask money, and they say, "Oh, I want to upload because it is good music.

So it would help if you always tried to get as much as traffic outside of Spotify. It will be beneficial because the more plays you get from organic listeners, the better it is for the song to be play listed in a more significant song. So it's all about getting this the snowball effect for music. Once you get traffic outside of Spotify world, people will be listening to your Spotify songs because of the videos, Tumblr posts, and blogs that you write about your music.

Take Away:
The above-discussed method to gain Spotify followers will undoubtedly be beneficial for any artist. And if the artists you continuously upload and pitch their song, then these are six ways that they can maximize the potential for gaining first 1000 followers and stream.

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These are great tips!

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Great tips Jems! Thanks for sharing these 🙏