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BassDrum: Free Online Watch Parties and Streaming

This post originally appeared on Pradeep CE, my personal blog.

I planned on shipping 12 side projects this year. As part of what might be a small step in achieving that, today, I introduced BassDrum as private alpha on Twitter.

What is BassDrum?

BassDrum, at its core, is a browser extension that you can install to stream movies and videos in sync with your friends.

What does BassDrum do?

In a nutshell, BassDrum allows you to:

  1. Create a secret “room” with a hard-to-guess name.
  2. Share this secret name with your friends to let them join your room.
  3. Stream the video you want to watch, and have it automagically play for everyone in the room.
  4. Play / pause / seek the video to have it reflected for everyone in your room.

That’s it! There are no accounts to sign up for, and no credit card details to enter!

You are not sharing your passwords or granting others access to your account. Everyone uses their own account for streaming, and BassDrum just syncs your video playback so that you can watch it together!

Where do I get BassDrum?

BassDrum is currently in private alpha, and is not available publicly (as of writing this). Head over to the BassDrum Website for the latest updates, and to see if you can get on the waitlist to try BassDrum before it launches for public use.

You can also find BassDrum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Come say hi! 👋

How much does BassDrum cost?

We want to keep BassDrum free and accessible for everyone. At this time, there are no plans to charge anything for BassDrum.

What can I stream with BassDrum?

Right now, BassDrum comes with support for Amazon Prime Video. We plan to add support for Netflix, Hotstar and all your favourite streaming platforms soon!

The Way Forward

I hope that gives you a fair idea of what BassDrum is, and how it can help you. Please give it a shot when it launches — I’m eager for feedback, and would appreciate it a lot if you did!

I’m excited because this is my first side project of this year — looks like my mid-year check-in worked after all! I’ll be sharing the BassDrum journey in a series of posts, right here on this blog. The prospect of building something that people want to use, and having people actually use it… is fascinating!

Hope you all like BassDrum 🙂.

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