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The Rapidly Evolving Role of HR Professionals Worldwide

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The HR landscape has evolved rapidly in the past decade with changing needs in workforce skillset. Today, with the introduction of technologies into HR such as AI and Big Data, HR community plays a vital role in deciding the short-term and long-term fate of the organization.

Gone are the days when HR professionals were recruiting employees based on the applications received through major job portals. The present-day infrastructure is equipped with smart HRMS software and other applications that can pull in prospective employee history and background within a few seconds.

HR People are Now Involved in Strategic Planning

The times have changed, and now HR professionals are invited to meetings related to strategic planning on recruitment. Moreover, they are sometimes even invited to business strategy building discussions to make them identify the kind of professionals and the skills the firm is anticipating. Employee engagement has got its due in the context of talent-retention. Employees, that were earlier seen as an expense by the businesses are now seen as assets to the company.
Earlier, the role of an HR professional was limited to taking instructions from the higher management running the organization and merely implementing them to the best of their abilities. But no more. Now, they have a say in everything related to recruitment and hiring that ranges from identifying talent, recognizing talent, shortlisting candidates, suggesting individuals to the management for an open position, to evaluating the financial value of a candidate.

Increasing Role of HR and talent Management Certifications in HR Recruitment Fresh graduates seeking a successful HR career certainly benefit from taking up a valuable HR certification. It not only improves their employability but enriches the knowledge about the domain. They get aware of the practices currently being implemented in the HR sector and accordingly get well-prepared for the interviews.

Even if you are an experienced HR professional looking for immediate promotion opportunities at work, certifications can help you achieve just that. Professional certifications in HR are available online in varied subjects within the HR domain so that you could choose your specialization and interest with much ease. Whatever your end goal is - becoming a Senior HR Manager, or VP (HR), or Chief Learning Officer, or Chief HR Officer, enrol in a certification online accordingly.

New Business Elements That HR Community Is Now Taking Care of
Employee Experience

In the present times, when the job market is majorly controlled by the candidates, or in other words, talent, bettering the employee experience at the organization becomes vital. An HR person has to understand each stage of an employee’s journey these days to provide him with the best possible resolution to every work situation he encounters. New-age employees, especially Generation Z, seek purpose in their work, and that is where the role of apt screening and recruitment becomes critical as it had never been before.

Adaptation to the Newest Technologies

Disruptive and advanced technologies have already engulfed the HR sector in the last five years, and being in sync to the change is considered vital. Big data and AI need to be incorporated into shortlisting candidates for face-to-face employment discussions. Picking up technologically advanced tools for employee record management falls within the scope of being in line with the technology advances.

Data Analytics in Recruitment

Availability of prospective employee data and the technological capability to scan and extract insights out of it is helping HR professionals single out candidates like never before. Identifying candidates capable of bringing optimal value to the organization has become easier than ever. The level of automation we are seeing in the current times in terms of ideal candidate identification is expected to further improve in the future.

Predictive analytics can make quick decisions on hiring personnel by detecting the attributes needed for the role from out of the candidates’ CVs.

Workplace Flexibility and Remote Working

Long gone are the days when working remotely was considered a benefit or a luxury of some kind. Slowly, and gradually, it is becoming a norm as more and more employees are being hired from different geographies in the world. HR people are quickly adjusting to the changes themselves, and doing everything needed to manage remotely-located employees. The recent workplace flexibility initiative that shook the corporate world was the implementation of 4-days work week.

Job Titles in HR Are Changing

From People Champion, to Talent Advisor, to Employee Experience Officer, to Vibe Manager, the job titles have constantly been changed and modified in the last couple of years. This signifies the evolving role of HR professionals at global business entities. HR people are now seen from a different lens altogether. They are certainly playing a larger role by being the change agents. The increased involvement of the HR community in carrying out employee learning and development tasks is living proof of their rising stature.

Concluding Thoughts

New-age HR skills are seeing a drastic shift wherein the bots and software tools are handling the majority of tactical HR work. Specialization in a specific HR role is picking up, making skill-based professional certifications the need of the hour. The generalist role is losing its ground and specialists in a specific division of HR domain will rule in the future. Above all, the individuals that will enjoy the brightest career in HR will be the ones adept at dealing with disruptive technologies in HR such as data analytics, AI, and automation.

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