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Upload/download files from Command Line


We made a simple commandline tool to upload/ download files using file-indexes. No more remembering long urls. Imagine yourself uploading a file from Computer-A and downloading it from Computer-B. You need to upload to ftp, s3-style cloud, then copy and send yourself the url. Now on the Computer-B you need to copy the url in browser or run the aws s3/s3cmd tools to download. This is the problem 'Ele' command line tool is trying to solve. You can just upload and download files with file-indexes.

With Ele, this is how you upload and download.
After setting up, you simply run the command

On Computer-A

$ ele upload myfile.js

This will returns a file-index ex: 123

Now on Computer-B to download 'myfile.js' you simply run

$ ele download 123

This will download the file refered by 123 (myfile.js)

That's it, no more sharing long file names, copy pasting links. Just file-index will let you download.

You can connect ele to your own AWS S3 bucket or any S3 compatabile bucket like Digital Ocean Spaces, BackBlaze B2, etc.

You can install ele by running
$ npm install -g helloele

Ele command line code is on github, please share your comments, suggestions and report bugs there.

More information available on

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