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Computer Science VS Computer Engineering Which One Is Better?

When it comes to STEM education, many institutions offer degrees that seem almost the same. It is easy to get confused between any two programs. When it comes to the computer department, computer science and computer engineering are two dominant programs. CS and CE are interconnected, but they are not the same. So, which one is better?

First, you need to know what CS and CE are, so here you go.

Computer Science

In a broader sense, CS is all about software, data, programming, and algorithms. CS started with mathematics. In CS, people learn to write code, programs, develop software, applications, cybersecurity, networking, etc.

Subjects in CS

In the CS program, a lot of mathematics is involved. You will have to study courses like calculus, linear algebra, programming, data structures, web development, followed by some theoretical subjects.


CS has a great scope, and you can specialize in many fields like artificial intelligence, cyber security, data science, cloud computing, games and app development, and many more.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is more on the hardware side. Computer engineers work on the designs of IT devices or systems like smartphones, laptops, or supercomputers. CE came out as a branch of electrical engineering and is very much similar to it.

Subjects in CE

The courses in CE include many electrical engineering subjects like electronics, circuits, robotics, and embedded systems. Computer hardware, networking, and programming are also taught.


Many schools offer more specific CE fields like embedded systems, hardware systems, robotics, network security, etc.

Comparison of CS and CE

Which is Harder?

As you read, both fields are different, but both require some high-level skills. You do not only need to excel in subject areas, but also learn skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving, and programming. Both areas are equally difficult and technical. However, it depends on your abilities and interest whether you enjoy CE or CS.

Which has Greater Job Opportunities?

Both areas are in great demand and promise you a bright future in terms of career. As the advancement in technology is continuous, the need for computer experts is ever-increasing.


To conclude, we cannot say which is better, CS or CE; it depends on you. If you have more inclination towards hardware, go for CE, and if you are interested in software, CS is for you. Both CS and CE are hard but will offer you superb career opportunities.

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