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What is End-to-End Testing?

End-to-end testing, or E2E testing, is a type of performance test go-through during the cycle of mobile app development. All of the functionalities of the product are tested from one end to another to ensure that the entire application flow functions without setbacks. In fact, one of the primary goals of E2E testing is to provide makers with context about the user experience. The real user experience is simulated and all the integral components are validated under test.

What Are The Types of End-to-End Testing Methods?

Depending on the end goal of the developers, there are two kinds of testing methods:

Horizontal E2E Testing

This is a testing method that tests the application across various platforms and applications. This kind of testing can be easily conducted in the purview of a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It is the most well-known approach when it comes to E2E testing because it takes into account the perspective of the user. It checks whether the user is able to successfully navigate the app.

Vertical E2E Testing

E2E testing can also be carried out in sequential layers. This kind of testing is called vertical E2E testing, since the system follows a strict vertical hierarchy. All of the different elements of the system are tested from one end to another, to ensure that proper quality is delivered. This kind of testing method is best applied to sophisticated applications that have a lot of moving parts. It is applicable for systems that don’t have user interfaces.

Benefits of Conducting E2E Testing & Performance Test Mobile App

There are various benefits you can take advantage of if you apply E2E testing. Apart from the basic benefit of providing a comprehensive, end-to-end test, here are the main benefits of conducting E2E testing.

1. Reduces the Risk of Future Bugs: Properly conducted E2E tests also drastically reduce the risk of future bugs. The application is subjected to intensive testing after every iteration – thus ensuring that there are very less bugs in the future.
2. Cost-Effectiveness & Time-Effectiveness: Properly conducted E2E testing can also increase the level of cost associated with the project. By reducing the amount of repetition, E2E testing can save you and your enterprise a lot of time and money.
3. Expands the Coverage of the Test: E2E testing also expands the coverage of the test by taking into consideration all of the sub-systems associated with the application. It’s a very enumerative form of testing that looks after the quality of each and every dimension of the application.
4. Increases the Level of Efficiency: All of the professionals involved in the development process prefer E2E testing. Developers don’t have to worry too much about the testing process and the testers can conduct a thorough test of the product. Project managers benefit greatly from the valuable insight they receive.

Summing Up

To sum it up, E2E testing is a valuable form of testing that will allow your business to benefit from a comprehensive and highly developed app. When you conduct tests on your app, make sure to use E2E testing so that maximum coverage is ensured. It’ll also save you a lot of time and money.

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