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Top 10 React Development Companies in 2021

praveen__pkm profile image Praveen Mishra ・12 min read

Believe what you see, not what you hear!

Have you heard of that before? Let’s be honest. There are a number of React development companies out there and rightfully so. With globalization, a company’s geographical location is no more a hindrance to the accessibility of its services.

A google search for top React development companies only shows you how good the company’s SEO team is, but what about their React development teams?

As I said, believe what you see, not what you hear.

In a time where the world is so connected with the help of technology, the only thing one must consider is “Skills” and “Industry Experience”.  Factors like location, the size of these teams, and how long they’ve been in business have become secondary.

When partnering with a React development company, its portfolio and work can tell a lot about them. With that in mind, I have curated a list of the top 10 React development companies in 2021. For each of these companies, I have included one of the projects they have worked on.

Here is a snippet of all the top 10 React development companies in 2021 -

  1. WillowTree
  2. Resourcifi Inc.
  3. Foxbox Digital
  4. ChopDawg
  5. Rootstrap
  6. Table XI
  7. STRV
  8. Saritasa
  9. Blue Label Labs
  10. Lithios

Let's talk about these top 10 React development companies in detail.


WillowTree tops the chart when I talk about top 10 React Development companies. They have been building bespoke solutions for their clients ever since the year 2008. They have worked with leading brands like Dominos, HBO, Nestle, and PepsiCo.

WillowTree is where digital experts thrive. They are well known for helping the most sought-after brands in the world. WillowTree focuses on building applications that matter.

Being a top React development company, they have worked on many projects. Out of the many, Let’s delve deeper into “Regal”

Project Name - Regal
Alt Text
WillowTree and Regal worked together with the intention of making the “movies experience great” for their users across all channels. 

WillowTree successfully helped Regal build a completely new loyalty program, a ticket buying experience that is unparalleled, along with an AR experience on iOS as well as Android. This has helped Regal increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Having served hundreds of clients, Resourcifi is definitely one of the top 10 React development companies in 2021 you can check out. Based out of Delaware, they have over 200+ proficient in-house developers with experience of 5 - 7 years. Resourcifi provides a wide array of services but React has always been their most potent front. 

Being one of the top 10 React development companies, they can help you build web apps that are second to none. Ever since its inception in 2009, Resourcifi has been building excellent mobile, and web applications for a range of industries, including banking, healthcare, and gaming.

Project Name - SilkWater
Alt Text
SilkWater wanted to build a leading farming solution that endeavors to maximize profits for the farmers. Resourcifi suggested they build a mobile app to facilitate a better user experience. 

The top React development company helped SilkWater by introducing various features in their mobile app that empowered the farmers. These features allowed the farmers to create their own profiles and enabled them to update their information on the app every day regarding their daily spends. The new app also helped SilkWater ensure a safe payment transfer by integrating a safe payment gateway using Stripe and PayPal.

Foxbox Digital

FoxBox Digital is an award-winning React development agency based out of Chicago, IL. Their clientele includes startups, SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies. Being one of the top 10 React development companies, FoxBox Digitalhas the ability and the experience to move swiftly, tackle all tech roadblocks, and develop/deliver phenomenal products that users are going to love. Their React team always addresses the right questions in order to propose the right solutions. 

Foxbox Digital helps Startups, SMEs, and enterprises across industries make the biggest impact for your business and customers.

Project Name - Anthem 
Alt Text
Foxbox Digital partnered with the Sydney Care team with their extensive experience and deep knowledge of React Native. Foxbox digital interacted with Anthem’s Product, UX, Business, Integration, Authentication, Backend Development, and Security teams and they successfully built iOS and Android native applications, using a single React Native codebase for them.

This top React development company helped the healthcare company streamline development and maintain costs while creating a phenomenal mobile consumer experience.


Since 2009, ChopDawg has helped launch 350+ next-generation apps for startups and growing companies across industries and around the world. With a decade-long experience in building web and mobile apps, ChopDawg has made its mark in the industry as one of the top 10 React development companies.

ChopDawg has a workforce of about 50 and they operate in full transparency. They are known for providing detailed project roadmaps and deliverable schedules, with quick response times.

Project Name - Mister Softee
Alt Text
Mister Softee partnered with ChopDawg in order to build a mobile app that would let anyone locate their truck in real-time - where it’s headed, and how far it is from them. The intention of building the app was to empower the people, making sure they never miss the ice cream truck. 

The app allowed tracking the truck and receiving notifications when the truck was around with the use of geolocation devices. Mister Softee created a Native app for Mister Softee and here are some of the technologies that they used to create the Mister Softee app.


Rootstrap is a pioneer in building flawless web applications and mobile app solutions for businesses across the globe. They are not limited to any industry and are committed to delivering services that are customized to the needs and the requirements of their clients.

Rootstrap focuses on developing, designing, and delivering robust web and app solutions keeping today’s scenario in mind. Being one of the top 10 React development companies, Rootstrap's list of clientele is huge and includes big names like KIA and Epson. 

Project Name - Breakthrough App
Alt Text
Tony Robbins built a coaching empire through traditional means such as books, pamphlets, and CDs. He came to Rootstrap with the intention of bringing his content into the digital space.

As a top React development company, Rootstrap worked its way for 3 weeks straight to come up with a roadmap workshop. They designed a responsive and engaging mobile content distribution system for Tony to help him build his app. Rootstrap helped Tony exceed the investment in less than a month. Rootstrap built the Tony Robbins app using Swift and React Native. They made it available on iOS and Android. Rootstrap used Ruby on Rails for the app’s backend.

Table XI

Table XI is a well-known React dev company with years of experience in building integrated web applications, mobile apps, and custom digital experiences.

With the kind of experience this company has gained in the past years, the development team at Table XI has the capability to leverage the latest technologies to build phenomenal web applications and mobile solutions for their clients across industries. 

Project Name - JAMA Network
Alt Text
JAMA Network was determined to facilitate the new generation of doctors with resources and everything else on a smartphone. They essentially approached Table XI to build an app that would be capable of engaging young professionals. Table XI and Jama came together to build a dynamic mobile app facilitating modern needs.

Table XI understood that JAMA would essentially need an app that would work on iOS and Android, and they knew that React Native would be the best solution for them allowing us to launch on iOS followed by porting it over to Android. This helped JAMA save a lot of time, a lot of money and allowed JAMA to come up and deliver a seamless product.


Having launched more than seventy digital solutions every year, STRV stands out not with a wordy promise, but with a bulletproof track record. This top React development company has been building web apps and mobile apps for the past decade and they have helped hundreds of companies, startups, and enterprises with their custom requirements. 

Being one of the top 10 React development companies, STRV is one company that offers valuable mobile and web solutions and is skilled and experienced enough to deliver problem-solving business solutions, regardless of the industry.

Project Name - ClassDojo
Alt Text
ClassDojo was on a mission to take education to the next level using communication and allowing sharing of knowledge and resources amongst teachers and students. Soon they realized the need for a fast, user-friendly, and engaging app. That’s when they reached out to STRV. 

Being a top React Development company, STRV completely ramped up the process by allocating eight dedicated developers with a straight objective of building an intuitive app for ClassDojo. They built a thoughtful and intuitive app designed to serve millions of users and to evolve at the speed of education.


Saritasa is a reputed React dev solutions provider that can implement the design, development, and integration of complex technologies. This top React dev company makes sure that they are on top of their game by staying up to date with all the new cutting-edge technologies. 

Being one of the top 10 React development companies, Saritasa brings together the client requirements and their skilled developers on the table together to deliver robust solutions made with React, for businesses across various industries and domains.

Project Name - OpenHouseDay 
Alt Text
OpenHouseDay is a platform that facilitates potential buyers the chance to visit homes and allows the seller to let the potential buyer know the pros and highlights of the property, first hand. 

OpenHouse reached out to Saritasa with the idea of building a real estate residential hub with the intention of bringing the sellers, buyers, and agents on the same platform. Saritasa helped OpenHouseDay build a Web App that has a modern look and feel along with being user-friendly and sleek.

Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs is a React development company known to have the best ‘Strategic Business Consultants.’ They are focused to define and capitalize on transformative market opportunities.

Being one of the top 10 React development companies, Blue Label Labs provides React development and believes in working hand in hand with various companies across industries with a clear focus on building transformative changes that are primarily custom-centric and user validated. Blue Label Labs has vast experience in developing products that are scalable, and that can help businesses improve their bottom line.

Project Name - Muncheez/Vana
Alt Text
Muncheez/Vana is a trusted marketplace for the legal cannabis community. This company reached out to Blue Label Labs with the intention of creating a multi-platform experience that would bring together cannabis users with dispensaries, doctors & the cannabis community.

Blue Label Labs build a seamless Web App for their client. The team at this React company worked in an Agile-based execution model. They worked in 3-week sprints to go from concept to alpha, beta, and final launch. The proficient team at the Blue Label Labs helped Muncheez launch across three platforms (iOS, Android & Web App) with separate products in eight months.


Lithios is a top-rated React development company and are experts at developing feature-rich and high-quality web apps. They are also popular for creating intuitive native apps (iOS and Android).

Being one of the top 10 React development companies, Lithios has a skilled and experienced workforce in in-house mobile solutions completely capable of helping businesses across industries build highly competitive and user-friendly React-based solutions.

Project Name - Smart Draft
Alt Text
DraftKing is essentially a fantasy sports platform facilitating a transformative experience. DraftKing approached Lithos because they wanted to build a more modern experience for their users. 

Being a top React development company, Lithios was quick to understand DraftKing’s exact requirements. They used the core elements of the brand in order to build a great experience for the users, especially - an amazing visual experience. Lithios built a seamless app experience and an extremely user-friendly web app for DraftKing, within the deadlines. 

Over To You

All the top 10 React development companies that I have talked about are sourced from Clutch and my own research. The agency you join hands with should be on the same page with your requirements to achieve the results you, as a business owner, would want to. 

These top 10 React development companies in 2021 have worked on hundreds of projects across different industries. All of them are well capable of building highly engaging and user-friendly web apps.

Having prior relevant experience is certainly a mandatory factor when looking to partner with a React agency. The React ecosystem is growing and becoming stronger. I hope you make the most of your partnerships!

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