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What is the recent Magento 2.2.2 Features Update?

Magento 2.2.2 Features Update

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Magento update is released just a few times after Magento 2.2. It will accelerate sales growth and operate with efficiency. It will make the Magento operations more streamlined. Incorporates important fixes to core features. Let’s have a look at some of its enhancements

1. Advanced Reporting Powered by Magento Business Intelligence

This new feature gives access to order, product, and customer reports from the Magento 2.2 Admin. These help to make data-driven decisions to devise new visions. This reporting facility is availed through integration with Magento Business Intelligence (MBI). MBI generates analytics by collecting data from Magento. For this, the minimum requirements are as follows

• A real domain name for Magento store website.
• HTTPS with a valid certificate.
• Subscription to the Advanced Reporting.

Magento Admin → Stores → Settings → Configuration → General → Advanced Reporting

You also have the option to set a preferable time for data collection to avoid increased system loading time. It gives you access to 20 reports and 3 dashboards to improve your store performance.

2. Magento Shipping

Magento Shipping is an end-to-end solution to provide greater advanced shipping and fulfillment. It effectively reduces cart abandonment and unlocks business efficiencies to get faster growth. It enables merchants to connect with global carriers. Magento 2 shipping promises to address the full spectrum of merchant needs.

3. Streamlined Instant Purchase Checkout

An instant purchase option is provided to you to bypass steps in the checkout process. It uses the previously stored payment credentials and shipping information. Basically, it speeds up the checkout process. It avails the Instant Purchase button below the Add to Cart button on the product page.

But it needs to fulfill some requirements. The prerequisite is like the customer should sign into the account. And, the account holds the default billing and shipping address etc. It avails many safe payment methods for customers.

To configure Instant Purchase, navigate to

Admin sidebar → Stores → Settings → Configuration

Now, configure payment method vault and enable instant purchase here.

4. Integrated Dotmailer Marketing Automation Software

Magento new version includes dotmailer marketing automation. It becomes one of the first e-commerce solutions to introduce marketing automation software with their core product. It produces email communication by using data from your Magento store.

5. Magento Functional Testing Framework

The Magento Functional Testing Framework (MTFT) is the new open-source, cross-platform testing solution. It facilitates functional testing. It can be performed anytime. Reduces the efforts in regression testing. It will help to improve traceability, modularity, customizability, maintainability, and readability.

These are the new updates that released by Magento. This would help Magento online store owners to improve the conversion of their store. You can update your Magento store to its latest version to get these features on their online store.

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