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TIL: How to pass data to parent component on a hybrid Angular project

Unlike my previous post where we passed data to a child component, we will pass data from a child component to an AngularJS (parent) component.

As with an Angular component, I use an event emitter to emit as @Output like

totalCountEvent = new EventEmitter<number>();
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So, I'm trying to get the total count to the parent component (AngularJS component) subject and we place the listing component to the subject.component.html as

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This is the same way we do it on any of the Angular components, but the only difference is (total-count-event). We have to use kebab-casing.

And on our angularjs module, we downgrade the subject-listing.component.ts as

.directive("subjectListing", downgradeComponent({ component: SubjectListingComponent, outputs: ['totalCountEvent'] } as any));
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With that, you can easily use the totalCountEvent on the AngularJS subject.component.html component.

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Dorian N.

Thanks for sharing ! 🎉