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DevNotes August

Welcome to our first Recodive DevNotes!

Wait what Recodive??!?! Soon I (Timeraa) will be creating a company called Recodive that will manage PreMiD and our future projects.
You can look forward to PreMiD V3 (more about this further down below), and to our future projects, which include Discord Bots, other extensions, and much more!
For anyone wondering "How do I say this company name?" we have made an IPA for you: /riːˈkəʊːˈdɪf/.

From now on, we will begin releasing DevNotes every first of the month. These posts will update you on discussions within our development team, and what we are planning on doing the following month.
DevNotes will first be released on my Patreon and then 2 weeks later on

But let's start with our DevNotes from August!

At the beginning of the month, we finished the recode of the PreMiD API. This brought a variety of changes, including full support for GraphQL in version 3. For the time being, V2 will still be publicly accessible to everyone until our infrastructure uses the new API. Once the migration has been completed, the V2 will see a lifetime of 3 more months before getting completely deprecated.

Recently we have started to move slowly towards containerization with the help of Docker and Kubernetes, this will help us to manage our services more efficiently and help us organize our backend structure.
With this system in place, we can automatically identify outages and automatically restart the service as fast as possible.

In this time we have also been working hard on the PreMiD V3 release, our developer Kawakami has started coding the PreMiD application in C++ which adds support for program detection. Thanks to making the application in C++, it will now use considerably less resources on your PC, reducing the overall RAM usage to around 700 kilobytes and CPU usage to 0%.

As hinted at before in one of our tweets, PreMiD V3 will include support for programs! This will allow you to show what image you are editing in photoshop or what video you are editing in Premiere. Of course, presence development for applications will be as easy as it would be to make presences for websites.

TheDrop and I started the recode of the Website a few days ago, and we are also assigning other developers to the tasks now to help speed up the process. The recode is needed to organize and improve the code, organize stylesheets, and bring support for the coming PreMiD V3 changes. These reasons also apply to the recode of the extension.

As for the recode of the website and extension, we are going to transfer all of our assets (images, videos, etc.) to our new CDN (
The CDN is built in-house and will be improved as time goes on.
Presence images will soon also be transferred to the CDN via GitHub bots. Some presence developers may have noticed the issues we have had with DeepScan; as for this, we are currently looking into different ways of verifying the code quality of our presence repository. From other GitHub bots, to creating our own code quality checker.

This month we plan on continuing the recodes of our services to prepare for the release of V3, making company preparations, design changes, and we will fix the currently broken contributors page. We hope to have some of these checked off in our next DevNotes and announcing further plans with new hints for the V3 release!

Thank you for reading the first DevNotes and we hope this gave you a little insight into what is going on behind the scenes at PreMiD/Recodive.

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