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Discussion on: Untold Benefits of a Software Blog

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Preslav Rachev

A great post! I absolutely agree with everything that you say here. For over a decade, I have tried keeping various blogs under different domains and for different reasons. There were many times when I was obsessed with reader numbers and got depressed when those numbers failed to match my expectations. Gradually, I learned the important lesson that you state in your post. Before reaching out to a large audience and worry about ad revenues, we should first and foremost write for our most fervent critics, and most voracious critics - ourselves. Ass soon as I realized that, blogging turned away from being a failed attempt at attracting other people's attention. Rather, it became a personal archive of my thoughts and ideas - a time capsule of my life. Often, I come back to my older posts, and realize how much I have achieved in some aspects, and what I could potentially learn from my past.

Once I freed myself from the burden of blogging for the sake of satisfying a certain audience, I started writing more often, and my posts became more sincere. Interestingly enough, my honest, and sometimes rough drafts get a larger and more diverse readership than back in the days when I wrote for the sake of targeting a specific froup of people. The difference is that I write primarily for myself, and feel totally happy about it.