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Guide To Rotating Proxy 2020

The primary purpose of rotating proxy is to hide the identity of the user while surfing on the internet. Additionally, proxies are an excellent option to increase the speed of web browsing as well as to create the security fence around the network.

There are different types of proxies available over the internet that is used for various purposes. Rotating proxy is one of them.

Mostly, developers use this proxy for scraping the data from websites. Because it makes the scraping easy by hiding the identity as well as avoid blocking of IP Address by website owners.


  1. What is Rotating Proxy?
  2. Why Use Rotating Proxy?
  3. What To Consider While Selecting The Proxy?
  4. Top Rotating Proxy Providers in 2020
  5. Conclusion

What is Rotating Proxy?

What is Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy is one of the most advance forms of proxy servers and widely used for web scraping. The reason behind it is that it allows the users to create a pool of IP Addresses. It is beneficial to send thousands of script requests to different websites located on different web servers.

Usually, during web scraping, web servers detect the IP Address with multiple visits and mark it as suspicious. After marking it suspicious, sometimes the web server blocks the IP Address or put some security check like Captcha as the IP Address visit again. Therefore, to avoid this type of problem, IP rotation is beneficial.

Furthermore, IP rotation not only provides random IP Address but also enables the users to use the IP Address from multiple locations around the world. It reduces the chances of being caught, and websites detect if they have a powerful anti-proxy system.

Why Use Rotating Proxy?

Why Use Rotating Proxy

As we mentioned in the above discussion, the primary purpose of IP Rotation is to hide the identification during web serving. Secondly, it is helpful to prevent detection and blocking during web scraping.

However, there are various other benefits of using IP Rotation. For example, SEO experts have to work a lot with keyword optimization, and it is time-consuming to collect the data of keywords for various locations.

SEO experts have to manage the website for users from different regions around the world. Therefore, it is easy for them to change the location and get keyword data quickly for different places.

Furthermore, intelligence companies use IP rotation on a broad basis for scraping the website to analyze the performance of sites. IP rotation helps them to work with high anonymity without being detected and blocked.

Marketing firms use special marketing software specifically designed to create a buzz around the product or brand.

Every bot is assigned with a different social media account, and the programming of software makes it capable to like comments or posts. Even in some cases, the bots can write the comments automatically on company pages.

However, all this process is possible without using proxies but for a limited time. Social media platforms are equipped with special measures that are capable of detecting the use of tools like this.

If there is a large number of accounts operating like this from the same IP Address, they will block it. Therefore, the use of proxies is beneficial to avoid this problem by assigning a different IP address for every bot with a different account.

What To Consider While Selecting The Proxy?

What To Consider While Selecting The Proxy

Not all the proxy servers provide the same services. Instead, the proxy service varies from each other substantially. Therefore, we point out a few essential factors that you must consider while selecting the proxy server.

1. Speed

Speed is one of the essential factors in proxy selection because the speed of your work ultimately depends on the speed of proxy. Sometimes proxy service providers put a cap over the speed and threads even they limit bandwidth if your usage is high.

Therefore, it is essential to select a company that provides services without any type of limitations. It is necessary for smooth working; otherwise, it takes a lot of time to make you online and complete working as well.

2. Trusted Geographical Location

Geographical location is important because it let the users operate the proxy from their desired location. Also, some regions are considered as suspicious and famous for making spams and scams. Therefore, when you send multiple requests from suspicious areas, it is easy for the websites to detect the presence of proxy, and they block the IP Address ultimately.

However, you can change the IP Address and send a request for data again, but it is not free from the risk of detection. It's not fun. Instead, it takes a lot of time and resources as well.

Therefore, it is essential to select the proxy’s server that provides services from trusted locations only. For example, US proxies are considered as good, and websites didn't put more focus on these locations.

However, there are various other trusted locations are also available that you can select the one as per your needs and requirements.

3. Compatibility With Different Tools

There are many proxy service providers; some of them provide compatibility with all the tools for marketing or other purposes available over the internet.

While some offer limited compatibility. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the compatibility of proxy service with a particular tool you want to use with proxy. If you buy the proxy server and it didn't provide compatibility, your spending on the proxy server goes in vain.

It is recommended to use the server that offers broad compatibility. Because it is beneficial if you switch the tool, you can easily use it with the same proxy server.

4. Subnet Diversity

The primary purpose of proxies is to make your identity anonymous. Still, the lack of subnet diversity makes it difficult to hide the status while surfing the net online.

Many service providers offer the same subnet for all IP Addresses, which makes it easy for websites to detect your presence.

When users make requests the same subnet, although the rest of the IP address is different, the websites can detect and block your services. Therefore, it is essential to select the proxy service provider that offers a variety of subnets.

The more diversity makes it easy for you to get the desired result from proxy servers. Diversity enables users to browse the internet without fear of being getting caught.

5. Website Compatibility

Like the tool's compatibility, some proxy servers are unable to provide services for various famous websites like Facebook, Amazon, etc. Just imagine what happens if you buy the proxy server that is not compatible to use with your desired website.

Therefore, it is essential to check the compatibility of proxy with different websites that are beneficial to complete your task efficiently without spending to buy additional products.

6. Customer Support

Although you can set up the proxy without facing any problem, even then, customer support is essential. It is the priority of users that the service provider remains to stand by all the time. So that users can get help from them in case of any problem.

Therefore, you must consider buying the proxy services from the company that has reliable customer service. It allows the users to contact any time with the customer support team and get a solution for their problems.

Top Proxy Servers Providers

Top Proxy Servers Providers 2020

A huge number of proxy server providers are available over the internet. The following link has a comprehensive article about the most popular proxy providers.


Proxy servers offer a lot of benefits for a wide range of users. However, it is crucial to select the right proxy service provider for getting the desired results.

In the above discussions, we discussed in detail all the features and functions of rotating proxies along with top proxy service providers. Hopefully, you get a lot of benefits from it.

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