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Git Talking - Manage Your github projects

For the hackathon, I'm building a platform that will help people have chat, checklist, code snippet sharing ( and maybe screen sharing too ) for their github projects.
User will be able to choose which of his own repository he want to create chat/list/snippet share for, and also choose different files which can have independent chat/list/snippet. Other users can then join these channels and interact.

What I'll be using

  1. PERN Stack
  2. Github API
  3. Twilio Chat API
  4. Twilio Sync API

Progress So Far

  1. I've setup the backend with github oauth service
  2. Setup Chat token generation
  3. Initialized React Project with some styling

Problems I'm Facing

  1. Currently I'm not being able to figure out how to to apply a search filter while retrieving all chat channels.I searched about it and found a post on stackoverflow saying it could be done using chat's REST API, but I wasn't able to find this in docs. As it was driving me crazy how the frontend will always have to fetch all channels every time, I've decided to keep track of all channels in my db and give frontend filtered results.
  2. As the users will be sharing code snippets, I wanted the code syntax to be highlighted. I haven't still found some package which provides this by automatically detecting languages. If anyone could help me with these problems, please do!

Not exactly related to the project

  1. Extra points if someone could suggest a better name for the project
  2. Also, please someone do tell me how people are linking their articles together using that box links. :)


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Manage your github projects by having a platform to interact with other contributors

Git Talking

Git talking is an application that helps you manage your github projects by providing a platform to interact with other contributors by having features like Chat for discussion, Code Snippet Share for fast exchange of code and logic and CheckList to manage completed and pending tasks Subchannels for individual files of the repository can also be made to get new instances of Chat, Snippet Share and CheckList that can be used to have those file specific exchanges.

Dev post for the project


  1. This App uses Twilio services to function, so twilio specific keys are needed.
  2. This App is setup using node.js v14 . If you are using an older version of node ( < 14 ), see legacy setup towards the end.

Local Setup

  1. Rename dev.example.js(./config/keys/dev.example.js) to dev.js (./config/keys/dev.js) and fill values for the keys with values xxx.
  2. Open a terminal in the root…

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