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Cloning a Repository

What Cloning a Repository does, is it helps provide the opportunity to download a source file and work on it locally. This helps make changes that could be effected in the original. Call it, The Experiment😊.

the experiment

So it begins with,

Step 1: Selecting a Repository

Finding the repo is a step🤷

Previous Project

Step 2: Green pill button

Click on the drop-down menu on green 💚 code button.

Green button

Step 2: The Link

Copy the link using the copy icon. (you're copying the GitHub link.😐)

Copy Link

Step 3: The Code editor, Terminal and other stories

In a series sub-steps;
sub-step 1 Open your code editor

sub-step 2 open a new file, or new folder, or recent project.

sub-step 3 Open the terminal


Step 4: The Cloning

At the terminal, you'll want to change the directory (especially when you're in another directory.

A directorial sub-step😶

  1. Cd directory

  2. git clone repository link

and the cloning begins...


Step 5: The Cloning continues😂😶

If we look closely we can see our cloned folder highlighted in green text💚

cloned files

Step 5: The Cloning confirmed

😂😂 It's here though.


Step Celebration

Naruto's Clone
Amazing, right?🤭😂😂

Until next time. Bye. See you soon.

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