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Looking for CSS wizards to contribute

Hi everyone. I'm co-creator of the project that you might heard of already. In short - it is automated front-end Studio that works in the browser and has it's own repository of fully customizable Widgets, Live Preview, meta-framework and a much more. You can read about it here.

One of the features that comes with the Studio are Widgets. They can be inserted inside of any project within one click. All of them have consistent naming when it comes to their styles which makes them easy to customize by either scoped CSS files or Global Styles.

Right now we are thinking of implementing the library with pre-made Global Styles that can be inserted inside of the project within one click and give initial look to the app created by developer. Unfortunately neither me or Chris are UI designers. But that gives the great opportunity for our community.

The Studio is offered in FREEMIUM model. So anyone can create their own project for FREE, use as many of basic Widgets (52 at the moment) and style them, use advantage of setup free Live Preview, Implementation Assistant (in context notification system that generate files and necessary glue code while triggered by an user) and export code outside of the Studio to clean and well organized JSX powered by SolidJS.

And that's the deal. We are looking for developers who would be interested in creating Global Styles for the Studio. As a return we will offer 6 months of 'freelancer' plan for free. That gives a great opportunity for:

  • everyone that is looking for alternative fast ways of delivering more competitive products to their customers
  • learners who would like to add to their CV/portfolio new project

Although you can create projects from simple landing pages to advanced administration panels for absolutely FREE, the 'Freelancer' plan offers a couple of amazing features as automatically generated prerenders that allows to hit over 90% score in well know tools measuring speed of websites (lighthouse for example) or access to repository with more advanced Widgets (34 at the moment).

How it works?

You can clone repository from here and use it's README as a guideline what exactly needs to be styled. Then you can access the Studio boilerplate that I prepared for you. All the Widgets have consistent naming which makes styling of the whole app very fast, smooth and easy. When you finish with everything you can simply copy the CSS or export the project, add it to cloned GitHub repository and commit changes.

What is worth to know?

Before you submit your work you can create your thumbnail and short README file where you can leave your name that will be visible for everyone before inserting your styles to their project. Also remember that you don't need to style every single class that you find in the boilerplate.

If you will need help with anything you can use our group on FB where you can ask any questions related to GlueCodes Studio:

Just in case you missed it, here is our website:

And the GitHub repository:

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