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Mindset and Encouragement

The following is an article that I wrote a while back mainly for myself in times of slump or discouragement. Who would have thought the past me would have ended up helping future me! I hope it provides some insight and encouragement for anyone else in the same situation.

As a second-generation Asian-American, I was raised in an environment that required a stoic temperament and expressions of vulnerability were seen as foreign. However, as we navigate these uncertain times, I wanted to break that cycle and share a few important tips to for creating a mindset that I found valuable in order to conquer the feelings of anxiety, lack of self-worth, or imposter syndrome that individuals like myself may encounter, i.e. bootcamp grads trying to land a position. But really, these can apply to anyone in a less than favorable employment position as a result of COVID-19.


Unfortunately, the reality is that a number of bootcamp students are under the illusion that after however many weeks, a developer position will be handed to them on a silver platter. Finishing bootcamp is just scratching the surface, and the thought that there is always something to learn every day is something that should fill us with excitement every morning that we're blessed to wake up. Self-awareness is incredibly important. If the process of trying to solve a problem, finally solving it, and adding that solution to your toolbox doesn't excite you, or at the very least isn't tolerable, some self-reflection may be in order. In my short experience, the world of development is extremely welcoming, but we have to meet it halfway.


Being stubborn is something that I have been chastised for in the past, but who would have thought that it would have come so in handy as a developer? Many budding devs feel a lot of pressure to produce great projects, really fast. The key however, is to get at least 1% better each day. Just 1%. Go above and beyond if you can, but 1% is the minimum requirement. Whether that be fixing a bug, learning a small part of a new framework, or improving your understanding of something you've already experienced. Just. 1%.


At the end of the day, our time will come my friends. It may not be tomorrow, next month, or even next year. But it will come. Focus on building on that 1% every day and before you know it, you'll look back and won't even recognize the code that you used to write. It's easier said than done, but I wanted to offer some encouragement as I know for a fact that there are countless others who feel similarly and are going through the same trials.

I hope that this does not come off as pseudo-philosophical or entirely preachy. Remembering these things has been an immense benefit to my mindset in these times and if it helps one person tackle that problem just one more time, I'll be gratified.

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