Solving Over 35 performance Issues in React Native

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React Native lets you build mobile application with its declarative programming model, and that makes React Native awesome.

but often people complain a lot of performance issues. Most of the time, these issues can be easily resolved though.

We did an analysis, and handpicked some common React Native performance issues which you should know before starting with React Native. Like:

  • Memory leakage in React Native

It’s a common issues for applications with a lot of unnecessary background process running in the background

  • Javascript threads, and heavy CPU usage

React Native applications have multiple threads which are interconnected. The native thread has to be in sync with the Javascript thread. While synchronisation, the large objects creates heavy usage on the CPU.

Learn its impact on your application, and how to reduce the CPU usage and improve the performance.

  • Application size

Applications rely on third party libraries, API, and other sources to operate. These resources need to be optimised in order to minimise the size of your application.

  • Issues in Navigation components

Almost 9 out of 10 developers complain about performance issues when they implement navigation components. Learn more about the issue and how to improve it.

  • Slow app launch time

There are number of factors which impacts the app launch time, and it’s a continuous cycle to minimizing the dependencies and improving the overall performance.

  • Device orientation changes

Sometimes the application freezes when you change the orientation i.e. from landscape to portrait. See what affects the application and how to solve the issue.

And so many other issues like:

  • Issues while animating the image size for different UI view
  • Lack of multithreading support
  • Issues with infinite scrolling
  • Image caching and optimisation
  • Issues with image placeholders
  • Issues while using third party libraries
  • Map optimisation issues
  • API JSON data optimisation
  • Frozen UI
  • Working with animations
  • Slow app response for keyword popups.

I have made an extensive analysis of these issues(over 35) and have put together insights on improving it.

You can read a more comprehensive version of this post that goes into extreme details here React Native Performance issues.

Feel free to share your thoughts and reach me if you have any questions.

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