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I love shortcut. You love shortcut. Everyone loves shortcut. But there is no shortcut to success.

A year ago Google Suite announced bunch of .new shortcuts for its docs, slides, sheets with docs.new, slides.new, and sheets.new respectively. Google now announced, .new can be registered by public where you can create actionable workflow for your users

TLDR; Here is the list

What's .new?

You can head to this link to know more about .new Top Level Domain (TLD).

.new enables your site visitors to take an action or workflow when they visit. E.g. if you want to create a new google document, you can simply visit docs.new where you will see a new google document (default Google account), if you have not already logged in, it will redirect you to Google login page.

Why .new?

.new link will help your site visitors and customers to remember and comes handy. Instead of typing the full URL or searching, you simply enter the .new shortcut.

By default, .new is secured by default. Because .new TLD is already added to HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections.


It is expensive e.g. performance.new domain cost is $452.13/year.

Please feel free to add if you stumble upon a .new domain in my GitHub repo.


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Curated collection of .new shortcut domains

List of domains which has .new as TLD

This is the curated collection of .new shortcut domains. Feel free to add valid links.

For more details about .new, visit Deals Rookie Blog

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