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Welcome to LoadRunner Family!

Micro Focus LoadRunner is an industry standard performance testing solution which supports umpteen protocols, collaborative performance testing, load testing on cloud and more. Since the inception of LoadRunner (formerly known as Mercury Interactive LoadRunner > HPE LoadRunner), it comes with version number as its suffix, e.g. LoadRunner 12.63. But recently, Micro Focus revamped its LoadRunner products with the new name and loads of new features and enhancements.

LoadRunner Family

  • LoadRunner will be known as LoadRunner Professional
  • Performance Center will be known as LoadRunner Enterprise
  • StormRunner will be known as LoadRunner Cloud

LoadRunner Professional is where most of the performance testers spend time on creating scripts, debugging, scenario designing, analysis and more.

LoadRunner Enterprise is the solution for collaborative load testing, scripts sharing, and more. Most enterprises uses this flavor. It integrates with Jenkins, Dynatrace etc.

LoadRunner Cloud is the affordable load testing solutions on Cloud (AWS/Azure), scalable, and developer friendly.

What's new?

  • DevWeb (formerly known as TruWeb) is now fully supported in Virtual User Generator which comes with 150 virtual users.
  • Enhancements made into TruClient, Web Services, SAP - Web, Web-bases Protocols, Runtime Settings etc.
  • Modern UI for Reports, Runtime Settings, VuGen etc.
  • Docker Enhancements
  • TLS 1.3 for Controller - Load Generator communication
  • Wireshark and Fiddler support upgrade
  • and mare more

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