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Discussion on: If you switched to a new Social Network, what could be your reason ?

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Mihail Malo

Strictly both. My knee-jerk reaction to the phrases "safety and anti harassment features", "human readable TOS" and "does not integrate" is unbounded rage.
But assuming "does not integrate" just means it's possible to opt out (before it begins, of course, not once it's got your data) and the "reporting" goes to for instance group/community moderators, not some network-wide authority that would cause network-wide harm to the reported user, I actually agree even with those points.

Centralizing all of our personal and professional information and interests into a few all encompassing social hubs was a mistake, imo.

Truly, a few is too many. Should be one single hub, made out of tightly integrated decentralized opt in components.

P.S: What's GYWO?

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jess unrein

Huh. Okay. Well, I think it's pretty clear that we want different things from social networks, so I'm interested in digging into why. What about "safety," "anti-harassment," and "human readable TOS" is so objectionable to you? Also, I don't know how flippant you were being, but I think that it might be worth it to critically examine why your immediate unquestioned emotional response to seeing something you disagree with is "unbounded rage."

I totally take your point that for things like contacts integration, the solution is probably to have an explicit opt-in rather than it being an automatic process. The question in the post is what do you want out of a social network, and I'm listing things that I would want, but that doesn't mean that a lack of certain integrations is a one size fits all solution for every user, for sure.

I agree that content or user reporting should go to group level or localized moderators, rather than a global authority, since the global authority probably lacks context and might not be familiar with group norms. I really like the way Reddit handles this (except for the fact that Reddit's success is predicated on unpaid labor from those folks. I don't know the best way to deal with that).

I personally hate how centralized our social media has gotten, and would probably opt out entirely from a hub that acts as a single source of truth (which would leave me disconnected from the world, making your utopia my dystopia šŸ˜…). I've been working on disentangling my personal and professional online presences, and it's actually been really freeing. Someone who reads my writeup on my ~/.bash_profile customizations doesn't need to know about how many stars I gave Atlas Shrugged or Twilight. Someone who sees that I've commented on an IntelliJ tutorial video asking for clarification does not need to know that I'm gay. No one else is owed the entire content of my online life just because they've glimpsed evidence that I exist.

GYWO is a writing community - Get Your Words Out. Just a random example of an interest that doesn't necessarily intersect with other interests of mine, and doesn't need to be connected to a central hub :)

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Mihail Malo

Reddit's success is predicated on unpaid labor from those folks

Volunteers make some of the best things in the world right now.
I guess you'd really dislike the pay to be mod system that I've seen taking place recently. :v

No one else is owed the entire content of my online life just because they've glimpsed evidence that I exist.

This is yet another thing we actually agree on, and I addressed it in my top level comment - I demand that the tightly integrated ecosystem allow easy use of multiple identities, thus segregating aspects of your life as you wish.

GYWO is a writing community - Get Your Words Out

That's unlike anything I'd ever imagined existing. At a glance seems more like than some kind of deviantart?

how many stars I gave Atlas Shrugged

Are you serious? You can't do this. I must know at once!