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Looks neat, but I have concerns. One is, it's not usually necessary to need to install additional Node dependencies for WASM projects. Percy and Iced don't need this. I also don't see an isomorphic (frontend and backend rendering) example. Percy has this. Also, does it support Browser History API routing? I just saw the hashes in the routing file for the todomvc example.

Which dependencies are you talking about?
Just like github.com/ryansolid/solid, there is no support for SSR "yet".
My unpopular opinion for this article is that SSR is overrated.
You can use any router you want, the example uses hashes so that you can try it out with any static file server.
One thing that project desperately needs is better public relations/documentation, such as examples that serve out of the box with one command.
In hopes of which I am raising awareness :v

I recommend checking out Percy and Iced, also. SSR is important because it allows you to be more flexible with your infrastructure. It also helps you support more dynamic values in OG tags, and I'm not sure if Google and others support SSR with WASM apps. Additionally, starting with SSR in mind is just nice because SPAs shouldn't be the prescriptive solution to every problem.

OG is an interesting usecase. I currently spend more of my time thinking about deep web.
Injecting OG tags + standard payload as an alternative to SSR would be fun.
My mind immediately jumps to also injecting an "initial data" bundle at the end of the payload though, and I have to remind myself that that's overengineering.
SSR is a nice-to-have when it's completely free. But it's never free, is it? Even if you are forced to run servers for some other reason, it's all the development effort to keep your data sources isomorphic.
I am not (yet) in the camp of "oh my god, why are you sending that poor person with the metered connection all that markup that they could render themselves", just the "SSR is hard, and there are other, more 'organic' optimizations that you could spend your time on".

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