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TVH IT joined Dynamics Power

Saturday 16th of November TVH IT joined Dynamics Power! In Brussels, where Microsoft and KPMG customers and partners gathered to join the community conference for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

The day kicked off with a keynote by James Phillips, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. The keynote highlighted some recent additions to the Power Platform. Microsoft Flow was rebranded to Power Automate and gave birth to a new trendy baby: UI Flow. This is an RPA — Robotic Process Automation — feature which allows for automating repetitive manual tasks through a task recorder. Another interesting one is Power Virtual Agents, virtual agents based on AI to assist employees and customers. Integrating Virtual Agents to the platform is responding to the growing need for self-service. Although most of it was still in preview, we could see some nice use cases demonstrated.

The rest of the day consisted of over thirty deep dive sessions spread over six tracks covering Customer Engagement, PSA, Field Services, Talent, Finance & Operations, Business Central, Adobe Marketing and of course the Power Platform.
We were inspired by the lessons learned of an international roll-out, a hot topic for our IT organization since we are taking the next steps in rolling out our system. Q.One is based on the vision of ‘think global — act local’, a demand-driven way of allowing all TVH Equipment/mateco branches worldwide to work in the same way on the same system and serve our customers in a future-proof way. The conclusions confirmed that — besides the technical expertise and know-how — the change management capabilities of an organization are crucial to be successful. And that’s where we can learn from these Japanese principles supporting effective change:

Hoshin: Hoshin is a method for policy development aiming at ensuring that the strategic goals of a company drive progress and action every level within the company.

Nemawashi refers to the informal process of quietly laying the foundations for change

Genchi Genbutsu is an advise to go see the locations and their conditions, the source, to understand and solve problems faster and more effectively.

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