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How to Find Funding for Your Project

It is quantic time that we investigate options for financing your projects. It doesn't matter if you are looking to fund a new business idea or just a side project, there are options at all levels. For instance, there are microgrants up to $5000 for small side projects. For bigger business ideas, you have recurring grants, government funds, and crowdsourcing options. You can even go with advertising on your projects, sponsorships, and selling relevant merchandise. The final step is to look for venture capital, of course.

I have just published an aggregate article from all other sources, and you can find it here:
Analysis of all the resources listed on the article can be found as a video:

Funding options that we will investigate:

  • Crowdfunding
    • Kickstarter & Indiegogo
    • Patreon
    • Crowdfunder
  • Grants
    • Facebook SM Grants
    • AwesomeFoundation
    • Gitcoin
    • Python Software Foundation Grants
    • Tyk’s Side Project Fund
    • Unitary Fund
  • Open-Source Focused Grants
    • InternetFonden of Sweden
  • Lemonade Stand Guide (list of funding types)
    • Donation Button
    • Bounties
    • Sponsorware
    • Books & Merchandise & Advertising & Sponsorship
    • Get Hired to Work On a Project
    • Start a Project For Your Company
    • Consulting & Paid Support
    • Software as a Service
    • Open Core & Paid License
    • Venture Capital

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